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"Parker Townsend has an amazing way with words mixed in with real personality, often times he writes as I expect he would talk. I very much enjoy his writing and recommend checking him out!"
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Tatjana Sindo
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Parker townsend

Copywriter, Web Designer, Content Curator, Email Marketing Typist


2017 - Present

eCommerce Site First Sale

Captured the first sales through my eCommerce website, more skill and training coming together.

Published My First Book

Blogging was an outlet the led me in to discovering myself; I grew and changed my thoughts for the better. I decided early in 2017 that I would put together a collage of my articles and turn them into published art.


First Website Build

The year that I built my first fully functional website from scratch, I would go on to design 4 more websites by the next year.


Writing #poetry was the beginning of my life as a writer, it wasn't until I became a quality copywriter for websites that I knew I would create content for companies.


Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Amazon affiliates was the first program that I signed up with to make money online. 2015 I made a whopping $3 bucks in commissions. It wasn't until I learned undisclosed tactics from a few good friends online, that I was able to go on to make upwards of $35 a year through Amazon. Combine that with my other programs and it looks a little better. 

2014- Present

Freelance Blogger

Offering most of my written content for free to companies, in order to prove myself to the field. This was the beginning of my career in online marketing and front-end web development

About Me

A professional poet looking to help you succeed online, by providing comprehensive solutions for your questions. Unscripted Income is only a website, I'm a real person and I enjoy fishing, watching baseball and eating the same as most people. My passion is helping others define their current online skills and accelerating them higher.
Skills Include: SEO (see below), Copywriting, WordPress Blogging, Email Marketing, Content Curation, Sales Copy among others.



UI & UX Course

Ultimate Sales Copy

eCommerce Certified


Click Bank University Cert

Social Media Expert Cert

SEO Complete Course


Microsoft Certified (Mous)


On Site SEO 94%
Email Marketing 74%
WordPress 98%
Web Design 79%
Copywriter 92%
Sales Copy 55%


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So happy to find a genuine person who completes the work as he described. Highly recommended and will be using again. Great communication throughout, professional service Thank you!

Toby Osborne


"Definitely made a difference and helped me with my website, I’m ready to start launching my business, thank you for helping me! ''

Amber M

Lead photographer, Ambersnaps

My Services


WordPress Blogging

Affiliate Marketing


Email Marketing

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