Copywriting Skills: Learn to Write A Basic Sales Ad

Copywriting Skills- The basic of Amazing Sales copy

Make it short and appealing...

Everybody wants to make more money.  In fact, most of you would like to hit upon something that makes you fabulously rich!  And seemingly, one of the easiest roads to the fulfillment of those dreams of wealth is copywriting or within the professional circles of the business, Ad sales copy.


            The only thing is, hardly anyone gives much real thought to the basic ingredient of selling with online copy – the writing of profitable, sales ads.  If your #copywriting business is to succeed, then you must acquire the skills to needed to connect with your readers. This will help you sell your product or service!


            So what makes a Sales copy ad good or bad?  First of all, it must appeal to the reader, and as such, it must say exactly what YOU want it to say.  Secondly, it has to say what it says using minimal words in order to keep your operating costs within budget.  And thirdly, it has to produce the desired results whether subscriptions or sales. The action!  

Stop Scrolling! And grab their attention:

Grabbing the reader’s attention is your first objective.  You must assume the reader is “scanning” the website where your ad shows.  Therefore, there has to be something about your ad that causes him to stop scanning and look at yours!  So, the first two or three words of your ad are crucial and deserve your best attention. Surveys show that words or phrases that quickly involve the reader, tend to be the best attention-grabbers.  Such words as:  FREE…  WIN…  MAKE BIG MONEY…


            Whatever attention-grabbers you use, to start your sales copy, you should bear in mind that they’ll be competing with similar attention-grabbers of the other ads on the same page.  Therefore, in addition to your lead words, your ad must quickly state better benefits to the reader.  In other words, your ad might read something like this:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  We show you how!

Did I Stop You With My Attention Grabbing Headline? Can You Tell Me In The Comments Below?
Did I Stop You With My Attention Grabbing Headline? Can You Tell Me In The Comments Below?

Now Peak Their Interest

In the language of professional copywriters, you’ve grabbed the attention of your prospect, and interested him with something that even he can or wants to do.


            The next rule of good sales copywriting has to do with arousing the reader’s desire to act on your offer. In most failed ads, the arousal technique is neglected. Hence the reason the ad doesn’t perform according to the authors expectations.


            Think about it – you have your reader’s attention; you’ve told him it’s easy and simple; and you’re about to ask him to do something.  Unless you give him more time to “want your offer,” your ad is going to only make him hesitate and possibly back out. He’ll compare your ad with the others that grabbed his attention and finally decide on the one with the highest excitement. 


            It’s your job now to insert that magic word “Guaranteed” or some other crafty phrase. Be careful in using your superlatives, because false claims will bite you in the butt. So now, we’ve got an ad that reads:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  Guaranteed!


            Now the reader is turned on, and in his mind, he can’t lose.  You’re ready to ask for his action.  This is the “demand for action” part of your ad.  You want to use words like: Limited offer – Act now! Write today!  Only and/or just…
In other words. Give your reader a sense of scarcity, that by backing out they will miss the opportunity forever.


            Putting our sales copy together, and it might read something like this:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  Guaranteed!  Limited offer.  Send $l to:

The Big 4 in Ad Copy

These are the ingredients for any worthy copy on the internet – Attention – Interest – Desire – Action…  Without these four ingredients skillfully integrated into your script, chances are your promotion will just “lie there” and only cost you money. 


What I’ve just shown you is the basic template for a sales ad on the internet.  Although this ad could be placed in any banner or social ad and would get a good response, it’s known as a “blind ad.” Meaning it would pull responses from a whole spectrum of people reading the article where it appeared.  In other words, from as many company “time-wasters” as from targeted action takers.

Be more Specific

So I’m going to give you another example of an ad you might want to use. To sell yourself on a blog post or a report…  Using the previous rules of basic advertising copywriting, and adding specificity. Stating exactly what our product and purpose is. The ad reads something like this:


            MONEY-WRITER’S SECRETS!  How To Write Winning Sales Copy.

             Simple & easy to learn -should double or triple your

            responses.  Quick Sub to UI Copywriter, 10 Main Anytown, TX 75001.

In review...

The point I’m making is:


l) You must grab the reader’s attention… 

2) You’ve got to “interest them” with something that appeals to them personally…

3) You’ve got to “further stimulate” them with something (catch-phrase) that makes them “desire” the product or service. 

4) Demand that they act immediately…


            There’s no point in being tricky or clever.  Just stick to the basics and your profits will increase accordingly.  One of the best ways of learning to write good sales copy or ads is to study the classifieds- try to figure out exactly what they’re attempting to sell – and then practice rewriting them according to the rules I’ve just given you.  Whenever you sit down to write your copy, always write it completely – write down everything you want to say – and then go back over it, cross out words, and refine your phrases. I bet you can reduce 20 word sentences into 8 words. Try it.

          The final ingredient of your ad is your name and company. Tell your reader where and how to act.


            Generally speaking, readers respond more often to ads that include a personal name. The important thing is to know the rules of profitable sales copy for your small business, and to follow them. To generate the best success.


            Now you know the basics… the rest is up to you.

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