The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On My 9 Best Copywriting Tools

9 Copywriting tools that make me a better copywriter

9 Copywriting Tools to Write Better Than Me

If you’ve started copywriting as a career choice. You’ll find that it can be difficult to create quality content daily, without a toolbox.


Not impossible… Aggrivating.


I’m going to give you my best copywriting tools today. You can thank me after you’re writing is efficient.

Answer the public

Brainstorming sets your ideas in motion. This is the foundation of any article you’re writing. 


Answer the public tackles the “blank stare” problem of copywriters, by giving you content ideas in 3 seconds. Take your broad keyword and give it to the seeker (answer the public) to get your content topics for the next year. Honest.

Plug in 1 Keyword and Get the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Ideas For Your Content...


I focus my writing on the hottest content. Viral information, posts with the highest engagement and shared like crazy should be your focus.


My next tool performs for top marketing brands and for good reason. It helps them discover content that executes results online. Buzzfeed,, and Yahoo all use this one tool to spy on their competitors.   


BuzzSumo allows you to find your top influencers online and connect with them. Isn’t that awesome? Any time you connect with your industries influencers you gain a huge advantage. Talk to any good marketer and they’ll tell you their content was an idea given by their influencer. By patterning your content after these industry leaders you’ll boost your copywriting success.

The Ultimate Save-For-Later Technique

If you’ve completed the first two tools, you’re ready to find your facts and tidbits. Your head will ache, your thoughts race and yet your mind goes blank… 



“I know what to write about. But, how do I find helpful related content to write it?”



We’ve all be there, the struggle is real trust me. That’s why using GetPocket is such a life-saver. GetPocket is a virtual “save-it-for-later” tool for articles, videos and social media posts. 



Use pocket anytime you’re surfing the web and an article pops at you. When a video related to your niche excites you, save it to your pocket. It’s a huge relief when your creative juices start flowing for your next article and pocket has captured 3 resources. 



GetPocket lets you tag each pocket save for quick access when you’re browsing- you don’t know when you’re going to need those stats from that marketing survey. Save it so you have it. 

Save Any Article-Any Time For Later With GetPocket!

Feedly Your Favorite

Failing to keep updated on industry news isn’t the game you want to play. It’s Dangerous… And costs you money.  Classier and cleaner than BuzzSumo, but as fulfilling is Watch your favorite feeds and discover leaked sources.


Feedly helps you keep every feed in one place for wicked quick delivery. 


My Top 3 Monitored Feeds:

♦ Copyblogger

♦ Problogger

♦ Jeff Goins


The past 4 years, these feeds have saved my copywriting dignity. At my whits end I’ve turned to Feedly to resurrect my message. 

Blog Idea Generator

Your endgame is to put words to screen for your audience to read. Experts say, “80% will read your headline, 20% will read your body copy.”  This means you’ll spend a most of your time working on your headline.



Right?.. I hope so. 



Your headline needs to rock so hard that your reader must read your body copy, at the risk of losing star power.  HubSpot’s idea generator will turn 3 nouns into endless blog topics. With Titles… Yup, it’s the easy way to generate headlines and topics. 



That’s pretty good. Yes?



I’m betting you’d like to master copywriting. Add this next weapon to your arsenal and you’ll be closer to your goal. This will analyze and tweak your headline for better results.

Enter 3 Nouns to Generate Fast Headlines!

Write Better Headlines

It’s easy to put no effort into your headlines because your pressed for time. Don’t stress the step by step copywriting process, you’re getting there. And again, your headline is 80% of your articles life-blood.   
When you have your headline ready to publish. Stop… Don’t hit publish yet… Use the free headline analyzer from Coschedule for complete optimization. Leverage the power of word balance and recommended character length to outperform the competition.  
Quick stats for Better Headlines:  
♦ From Zero to 100 Performance Rating
♦ Instant Headline Tips
♦ Effectiveness score on word balance (readability, structure and grammar)

Get Proven Inspiration with Swipe Files

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects. is the perfect file combination for gathering Intel. Be inspiring and start writing your articles with these helpful swipes. Master copywriters understand the value of starting with a template. This doesn’t mean you copy everything word for word. That could lead to major legal trouble.  
But… Using the templates and making them unique is what the story of the game is. Start writing your article and we’ll edit it with my two favorite apps. 


Newbie copywriters lack flair and boldness. Either fresh from high-school when starting sentences with a preposition is bad, or they lack the skills to cut long sentences, to focus on the high points. The Hemingway app reduces scatterbrain thoughts into fine-crafted copy.
Your readers will thank you.   
Do your thoughts turn into complex sentences of 12 or 20 words? Since using Hemingway my writing has become clean and crisp. And I didn’t realize how natural it flows until I plug old articles and tweets into Hemingway, for an upgrade.   
Using Hemingway will make you a better writer. You’ll start writing the way you speak after a few tries, the writing style becomes automatic. I’ve sat down to edit articles, to find they had no complex sentences to work on.

Slick Write

Take your edit to the next level with Slick Write. No longer will your copy lack purpose and be full of stylistic mistakes. You’ll run wild with this app. Proven to boost your writing skills from zero to hero.


And, It’s free… 


Paste your final piece from Hemingway into “slick write,” for your last push for perfection. 

You’re going to become the best copywriter that your effort allows. Use these tools to help you write your best copy today.  
I promise that you’ll writer better, faster and cleaner, to the point of shock! When the shock wears off you can thank me for sharing these copywriting tools.  
What tools set you apart from the competition? I want you to add your own for a future list. 

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