Copywriting Training. -The Self Art!

Copywriting Training involves Daily workouts to grow your skill.

Copywriting Training- Self Practice.

Copywriting proves useful in all areas of online business, it brings home the money. Today we’re going to look at 6 ways to fuel your copywriting training.


Head over to your local library or online store and pick up any book by Dan Kennedy. Because, if you’re looking to take your writing skills to the next level, reading must come first. Don’t read any book, that won’t get you paid. Learn from one of the world’s experts on the writing, and that’s Dan! Direct response writing is where he excels. This is copywriting that sells it’s readers into taking action! The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan, gives you his proven direct mail tools with photos.


It’s such an amazing tool. -I still read through it!


The internet is your next best asset for copywriting mastery. Like this copywriting training site you’re reading this article on. Choosing the best websites that fit your needs and writing style go a long way in becoming your best writer. Other than UnscriptedIncome, my favorite copywriting websites offer sweeping tutorials with self-paced learning.


My.CopyBlogger is the first website to visit and the second is The copywriters crucible.


Each website having different styles and training to help you better your writing. You’re not going to learn this skill overnight, we can all improve. The skill of writing has a wonderful way of acquiring mastery through self paced work. Train yourself a little each day, when you have the time.


The key of taking your copywriting training a becoming the best is to train everyday. I find it to be a flowing natural progression of skill as I train when the mood strikes. Forcing myself to hand trace the last 20 sales letters to embed them into my brain, wasn’t fun. And writing should be fun to start.


Getting the competitive edge in the industry takes constant learning. When you feel tired take your breaks, you’ll write much better after your brain has a chance to relax. A more natural flow. It’s common for writers in the industry to wait for their super-subconscious mind to kick in. At the time when subconscious thoughts take over and writing becomes easy. That’s when BIG ideas spark.


Good luck to you as you become a better copywriter, through any pathway you take. Writing is a rewarding experience and the pay is nice. Website designers have paid me $35 for 600 words of web content. That’s on the low end, for a master copywriter, triple that.


The art of manipulating people into taking action in reading, is sought after more now than ever. – Everybody has a website!


Without good story telling your website will read like child play. Warning off any would be buyer from your bush league reputation. Don’t believe me? How would you feel reading this if it read like Forrest Gump spoke?


Okay, pretty damn funny huh?


There are endless reasons for running away with your copywriting training. stay focused and build your skills over time.

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  What tips set you apart from the competition? I want you to add your own for a future list. 

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