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Secrets for Building a Profitable Email-list

The secret of success in email marketing is not building a big list, or a list with tens of thousands of subscribers. You will not be able to make money if your list subscribers don’t respond well to your call to action, no matter how many people subscribed to your list. The one thing that will make you succeed in your email marketing campaign is the value of your list. If you only have 200 list subscribers, but they are highly responsive, then chances are you are going to make more money than having a non-responsive list with 2000 subscribers. So, the secret of success in email marketing is to build a profitable email-list.

 And this is the big one. It is not easy to build a profitable email-in list. If it were that easy, many people will just start building a list and become rich. The problem is that not all people do that. In fact, most email marketers, especially those who are new in list building, experience failure in their attempt to make money from their list. There seems to be something that is missing in their method. Why can’t they build a list that generates consistent income for them? This is the question that not all email marketers can answer.

The missing piece in their email marketing strategy is to establish value in their email list, which makes the list more profitable for them. Here’s the secret to build a profitable email list in 3 easy steps:

1. Build Trust With Your Subscribers

This is the first thing that you have to do, since trust is very important in building any business. People will only be willing to buy from you if they can trust you. They don’t need to listen to you if you are somebody who cannot be trusted at all. Ever wonder why spam emails get deleted? That’s because people don’t trust the emails, and more importantly, they don’t trust the sender. If you send your emails as if you are a spammer, then you shouldn’t expect more than losing your subscribers quickly.

 So, you have to build trust with your subscribers first. You have to make them know about you, and more importantly, they have to look at you as an expert in your niche. Without building your expert status in the minds of your subscribers, you can’t get them to purchase your products. In order to build yourself as a trustworthy expert, you have to send emails with valuable information that your subscribers will appreciate. Also, you have to write lots of informative content on your website.

2. Give People What They Need

If people need water, and you give them rocks instead, do you think that people will pay attention to you? In marketing, especially email marketing, it is important for you to understand the demand of your audience. You are here to act as a reliable supply for their demand. In other words, you have to give your subscribers what they need, not what you want.


You have to listen to what they need most, and give it to them. This will affect the success of your product promotion. For instance, you cannot sell a weight loss supplement if you don’t understand what your audience needs. If you keep on promoting your product without having any sympathy with their condition, they will ignore you most of the time. So, you have to know what’s on their mind, what they need most, and write your emails based on what you know about your subscribers.

3. Network With Other Email-List Builders

This is an important step that you must do in order to grow your skills in email marketing. Sure, you can grow your list by promoting your list alone. But, with the help of other list builders, that list is going to grow exponentially faster. Think about networking with other list builders in your niche. Ask them to send your related product links to their list. This will help you to expand your audience and grow your list. Important. It’s not okay for you to sell your list or have others in your network send out your emails to their list, this is spam. But, having them hit share and include your list is less evasive and shouldn’t count against your spam score. It’s best for you to network with list builders that offer complementary products in your company and affiliate programs, which means the products that don’t compete directly with your promoted products. You can also ask the list owners to swap their promotions with your list.

Fun Fact: Spam refers to nuisance email, ironically it pre-dates email, having been traced back to online chat rooms from the 1980’s called MUD’s. The term refers to all types of abusive online actions. 

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