Gain more Sales Through Pro-Staff Efforts

Pro-Staffers are a rare breed in that some of them promote the hell out of your products and gear, yet, others sign up for the perks only to disappear from site a few weeks later. 

The promotional efforts through top rated pro staff must be recognized, these are essentially the people on the front lines, they are responsible for most of the growth within a company. 

Easy Kasting is solely owned by myself, it is engaged to offer custom made spinnerbaits and bass jigs in Riverside, California. If it were not for my Pro-Staffers and the use of social media, Easy Kasting could be found dead in the water, not able to reach all 50 States. 

August has given Easy Kasting a Pro-Staffer by the name of Chris, better yet here is his has, #BankAnglerYumaAz. This man has fishing in his blood, his love for the sport pours out each and everyday with his wife by his side, he manages to put every ounce of energy into the teams that he fishes for. 

Chris talks to bait and tackle shops in Yuma Arizona, that would otherwise be unreachable by Easy Kasting. His effort has sparked talks of bringing our custom spinnerbaits and angler approved fishing tackle onto the shelves. 

Easy Kasting Rusty Feeder Minnow

I am grateful for these efforts to build my brand, my eCommerce business as well as getting product far reaching from California. 

My efforts can focus toward perfecting the angler approved tackle that I enjoy innovating through out my days, because of bringing on people with the same likeness for my goals. 

Are you looking to grow your business exponentially? How about letting your business grow when your working on other projects? Then my suggestion is to promote yourself first, tell people what your company is about as you do, look for others with the same interests. 

Take some time to read up on affiliates and how to implement plugins to provide commissions via PayPal, to those who love what your company represents and wish to promote the hell out of it. 

Essentially, it’s a win, win. 

Personally, I reward my Pro-Staff (affiliates) with other offers, such as providing them 45% off all products on the site, eGift Cards for anyone going above and beyond. 

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