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Podcast software is easy to come by, a simple search will unload impressive ways to podcast from the free user to the premium.  Because of the decentralized, geek adopted nature of podcasting, a wide variety from large programs with a big footprint with endless bandwidth, to tiny software packages that do the bare minimum. Packages are available for podcast subscribers of every type, and more are being created everyday.

While some podcast software is designed for home user computers, much of it is designed to be used online. These software packages contain both the feed reader like the home user software does, but incorporates a way to view or listen to the podcasts online from within the browser.

Lastly, feed creators is a PHP scripting program used to create the RSS file that tells the feed readers where to download the podcasts from. The scripting can either create a hard copy of the RSS file and write it to the server disk when the feed is updated, or it can make it virtually. When the RSS file is generated virtually, it doesn’t actually exist on the host’s server. Instead, the address of the PHP script is distributed as the address of
the feed. When the script is accessed, it generates the file by looking at the recent posts at the site and sends the results to the feed subscriber.

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