How Does Retargeting Work? 5 Skills for More Sales

Retargeting through Facebook brings users back to your website

Business owners on the internet want their business to flourish, which leads to building high-cost websites to grab users attention. However, grabbing the attention of the users on the internet is only part of what generates income and engagement. Gaining loyal customers and keeping them is key to business success. Keeping track of your customers around the internet is done by retargeting. 

What is it?

In this case, retargeting provides the service of creating ads for the previously visited internet users to remind them about your business while they are browsing other websites. This process will make it easy to get many customers to an online business.

The process includes when an internet user visits your website, it catches the necessary information in order to follow the browsing of the user and showing the ad of your website on a regular basis reminding the customer about your products and deals.

How Does It Work?

The main question after reading such an information must be “how does it work?”. The technique is simple. All the website owner has to do is put a Javascript code into the footer of the website. This will make a list of your visitors and generate cookie into their browser for the purpose of retargeting.

Several companies like Google and Facebook provide the business owners the services of retargeting. Below, we will talk about the services provided by both the companies.

Retargeting Google Ads

So far, this is the best retargeting method. Google offers the business owners a platform where they can copy a Google retargeting code named as pixel or tag and add it to the bottom of their website in order to allow Google to track and make a list of the website visitors.

What is retargeting: Explained.

Later on, this list can be used to make ads related to the website and show it to the same last visited users when they visit any other Google partner website.

The benefit of using the retargeting Google ad service is that Google has a huge range of famous partner website which will be able to serve a business owner get new audience too, through other retargeting ad services provided by Google.

Retargeting Through Facebook

Since this article has explained how retargeting works, it is obvious that Facebook is the topic social platform having the biggest amount of traffic after Google. Let's discuss the process through which a business owner can retarget through Facebook.

Assuming that the owner is an existing Facebook user and owns a page on the name of the business, the following are the steps to follow:

  1. First, log into the Facebook Ads Manager and select the option Audience after clicking on the drop down menu of Business Manager.
  2. Click on the option of Create Audience. In the drop down menu there will be several options but click on Custom Audiences to reach your website, previous visitors. 
  3. Select the option of Website Traffic.
  4. Select the type of audience you want from the menu.
  5. Facebook also offers a code named pixel similarly as Google. You need to do the same step, i.e, copy the code and place it on your website.
  6. The last step is creating an eye-catching ad to make the retargeting Facebook campaign successful.
Retargeting Google Ads Bring Buyers Back to Your Site

Retargeting vs Remarketing

Most of the people confuse retargeting with remarketing. As explained earlier, retargeting is the technique which uses code to be placed on your website to generate ads for your last visited audience on the other websites. On the other hand, remarketing ads deals with the idea and process of collecting the information of the last visited users of your website and generate promotion emails for them.

Hence, retargeting is one of the simplest techniques used by all the business owners for the purpose gaining and making huge customer chains in the business and apart from Facebook and Google, new companies are also looking forward to providing retargeting ads services at lower rates.

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