How to Increase Email Open Rates, Using Secret Subject Lines, That Don’t Cause Anger.​

My How to Increase Email Open Rates tips for 2018

When you send an email to your subscribers, they will not likely want to read your email if you don’t write an interesting subject line. Thus, your subject line is very important, because it can affect the decision for your audience to open or ignore your email.


Because your subject line can make your email to get read or ignored by your subscribers, it can also affect the success rate of your email marketing campaign. The less people open your email, the less likely they will read your promotional copy, which means the less likely they will be willing to follow your recommendation. So, tweaking your subject line can help you to increase your conversion rate, because it makes your subscribers want to read your email immediately.


How can you write an attention-grabbing subject line for your email? It is not too difficult to do, but you should not underestimate the importance for you to follow a certain formula. There are things that make people want to open an email immediately. For instance, if their friend sends them an urgent news to their email, they will open that email quickly. If possible, you have to be able to position yourself as the friend of your subscribers. Then, write your subject line with the surefire formula that will grab their attention immediately. Here are some tips you can follow to easily grab the attention of your email list subscribers with your subject line:

Breaking News Style

If you want to attract your audience’s attention immediately, give them some breaking news in your subject line. It may not literally be news, but you can write your subject line in the breaking news style. Just take a look at the way breaking news headlines are written.


If you can adapt those headlines to your business niche, you can tweak your subject line to sound like those breaking news headlines. In this way, you will be able to give your subscribers an immediate attention, which makes them want to know about the “news” immediately.

Ask Your Readers to do something

Simply ask your subscribers to do something, and they might want to do it for you. You can write your subject line in the form of a command. You will ask your subscribers to do something that is simple enough to do, but worth the reward. For instance, you can ask them to open your email in order to get 20% off discount for their purchase. Or, you can ask them to read your email in order to discover the secret solution for their problem.

present an unusual question

The human mind is programmed to answer questions. When someone asks you a question, what will you do? You will tend to answer that question. But, what if you don’t know the answer? If the question is interesting enough, you will want to search the answer for that question. So, you can use this bit of knowledge in your email marketing campaign. You can write an interesting question in your subject line, so that your subscribers will become curious to know the answer of that question. Interestingly, they will know the answer of that question only when they read your email.

Use Mysterious Subjects to Drive Email Open Rates

Short and Clear Subject Line

You can also write your subject line in a mysterious tone. You know, people like mysterious things. There are many unexplained phenomena in this world, and people are curious to know about that. So, when you write a subject line with a mysterious tone in it, people will want to know what’s in your email. In this way, you can feed their curiosity and they will tend to seek more and more content from you. This is one effective way to make your subscribers read your email immediately.

Clear Subject Lines
Creative Subject Lines

Creative vs Clear Subject Lines

Think you know which subject line works best? Creative subject lines are meant to capture and shock the reader into opening the email message, while clear subject lines are to the point and provide a straightforward message about what will be inside the email. 

Creative Examples

“Do not open this email”

“Hi [name], [question]?”

“We have [insert fact] in common …”

Clear Examples

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Clear and concise lines have a much higher open rate compared to creative examples shown. This stands to reason, since most users online and in the world are tired of hype. They get it from the marketing guru’s that promise 3k tomorrow if you follow their system.


Take the example shown above, “Do Not Open,” this preys on the human mind and triggers the gut response to disobey, only to see what’s inside. Once opened, the reader is bombarded with a program to buy. 

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