Capture Amazon Affiliate Money, Internationally- With Amazon OneLink

Get More Amazon Affiliate clicks and Revenue with Amazon OneLInk

Amazon's, One Link To Rule Them All...

Amazon has just stepped up it’s affiliate marketing tools once again. You are now able to monetize your website, blogs, and social media posts in more than 5 countries. Meaning, one link for multiple countries. 

No longer having to log into each amazon account for the country you are trying to target, is a huge time saver. One link automatically inserts the product link from your default country (country you live in) to the country you’re targeting the sale for. 

For instance, I live in the United States and I was looking for Amazon Gift Cards for the U.K. I found the product on and entered that Affiliate URL into One Link and it returned the product and link from the U.K. website. Now whenever anyone clicks that link in the U.K. and purchases gift cards, I receive commissions on my U.K. Amazon account. Pretty sweet. 

Linking your accounts and redirecting your url allows you to send your user to their local Amazon store front for that product. If you click ‘exact match’ for the country and product, Amazon will only render the url if the selected country has the same product, this is best for social media and platforms that are not your self-hosted site. Not to confuse you because there is an easier way to monetize your website with Amazon.


What is Amazon's New OneLink?

Installing the oneTag Java-script code, OneLink will convert your traffic  internationally. Imagine the revenue from other countries. Visitors will be sent to their closest Amazon site. 

This script is backwards compatible so when it  gets embedded into your sites footer, all previous and future ads will direct internationally. 

Canada visitors will be redirected to While, United Kingdom visitors will be diected to

OneLink may only be accessed from a U.S. account, I’m sure that Amazon will render this issue in the future for multiple countries. You may still link manually to individual countries by the redirecting mode above. 

How to Setup Amazon's OneLink

  1. Start signing up for the international associate accounts.
    For the UK, sign up here:
    For Canada, sign up here:
    For Italy, sign up here
    For France, sign up here
    For Spain, sign up here
    For Germany, sign up here
    For Japan, sign up here
  2. You’ll then login to your U.S. Associate Account, find [Tools], then click [OneLink]

First, Link your Amazon Accounts

Second, Install Amazon OneTag

3. Find and click [get the code here] then install that into your sites dynamic footer section. Most themes enable you to add code quickly from the custom menu. If you’re not sure how to install the script, watch the video to see how to install OneTag through WP-Ad-Inserter.

This new script will now redirect clicked amazon affiliate products, to their specific country. Since you have those countries linked and accounts for them, you will get paid for products purchased. 

Get ahead of the competition and capture the growing revenue, internationally. 

Amazon OneLink Works Well With:


Native Banner Ads

Post and Page Links

Amazon OneLink does not work on YouTube channels not does it work with your favorite link shorteners, (bitly, tinyurl). Amazon does a great job of shortening the link by clicking short link, which is the default for product links.

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