Do I Need SEO For My Website?

Do I need seo for my website in 2017

   When you’re struck with the idea to build a website for yourself before you do anything else you’ll want to answer this simple yet often overlooked question, “do I need SEO for my website, really? I mean I am just starting out.” The answer is, “Yes, you should always optimize your website with seo and user intent in mind.

Recognize These 5 Reasons Before You Build Your Site:


  • SEO should always be the foundation step of your website
  • Creating SEO within your domain name will build your site much quicker through the rankings, then without
  • Know what problems need solutions before you begin your content (User Intent)
  • SEO performs quickest before any content is generated
  • Long term domain registrations with SSL certificates rank easier with Google’s algorithm


Building your website without SEO would be like, building a bridge in a barren desert and expecting massive transit. SEO is the literally the driving force behind any visitor showing up on your home page without you telling them to go there.

Because the chances of people aimlessly opening your webpage by chance are so low, website owners will often pay a premium price for SEO services to capture organic traffic. This organic traffic is any user landing on your website through search engines, (Google, Bing) and links without promotion efforts.

Understanding the art and science behind how search engines index your pages content, group it together from a query made by a visitor and then creating proactive marketing strategies to bring that user onto your site is SEO in a nutshell. Do you realize now why seo is best utilized before you even create your first line of content?

If you thought first off, “I just want a website built and I’ll wait for visitors.” And now you’re in a panic, not to worry, SEO Specialist’s are always around to help provide solutions to your website, while boosting the amount of specific traffic for your clients needs, because that’s who you really are trying to provide solutions for.

Before trying SEO on your own or looking for a specialist to do the work for you, (my rates are anywhere from 47-127 hr) I’ve been given the rights to provide 100 SEO Tips For You, Today. It doesn’t matter if you already have a website or don’t, when you put these search engine hacks into action you’ll see a huge boost in people finding you through Google and Bing, don’t forget Yahoo.

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