These Top Copywriting Tips Will Make You A Better Copywriter

Use these Copywriting Tips to drive more traffic in 2018

Effective Copywriting- What is it?

A Copy is writing that compels to or targets a specific audience, it is personalized and comfortable to read, appealing and inciting the emotions of the reader to a call to action.  Effective copywriting enables sales on a grand scale, it is a technical craft that can be made perfect with practice.


Some copywriting tips are placed above others, to write an effective copywriting you have to write with emotions, most purchases are not made out of logical decisions, people buy things impulsively when it makes them feel better so your copywriting should evoke positive emotions.


If you’re a copywriter, you most likely must have come across requests by clients to write contents tailored for SEO, this often means the writer needs to put together a piece that is both researched and strategized.  Words are the engine room of a good SEO content; an important copywriting tip is spending the time to adequately gather knowledge of current ranking factors while also conducting competitive analysis.

Keep your "Action Taking Goals" in Focus

Whether you’re doing copywriting for digital marketing strategies or SEO, well defined goals are the heart of it all, different clients propose different goals and part of your role as an effective copywriter is to help the client implement the business goals into achievable actions taken by visitors on their website.

An effective copy should have at least one or two of the following traits:

  • Have measurable value: leads to increase in revenue, impressive leads generated, or events registration.
  • Leads to business growth: useful to sales team, part of an online campaign.
  • Be identifiable on the site: button clicks, confirmation page views, PDF downloads.

One effective tool to measure growth is the google analytics tool, the good catch about GA is that it integrates perfectly with all major websites and SEO platforms.

Copywriting Tips 101 Use Google Analytics
Copywriting Tools Are better when you involve Personal Behaivor Stats

Get to the point with Content Patterns

What is a content pattern? Innovative copywriting tips for beginners that even advanced marketers miss out on is not restricting their content. The structure of every content plays a vital role that is same as the words themselves. As a copywriter, delivering the right words at the right time is paramount.


A content pattern saves you the pain of writing content from a blank sheet with no preparation. Using a content pattern enables effective copywriting in the sense that it enhances writing focus and cuts out unnecessary stories, making it short and straight to the point.


Content pattern enables your clients read and understand your content, they can skim through and read the important bits without missing out on the point of the story, even the headline of a well-structured content pattern highlights the general idea of the article.

Help People find your Hard Work

Latent semantic index or LSI keywords are keywords that are related to the main keyword, for example the main keyword for this article is copywriting tips and some terms related to it would be digital marketing, copywriting tips for beginners, blogging, effective copywriting etc.


Search engines function by crawling through your page, looking for links and keywords that suggest what the topic of your page is. Using LSI keywords is like a magnifying glass that showcases what the primary purpose of your page is.

Find Purpose in Your Results with LSI Keywords
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  What tips set you apart from the competition? I want you to add your own for a future list. 

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